General Information


• Airfares


Krakow is a very popular tourist destination. To obtain the best possible airfare it is important to book flights as far in advance as possible.



• Airport and Transportation


The international airport in Balice is small, so you won’t get lost. It is located about 15 km from the centre of Krakow. There are two arrival terminals, an international one and a domestic one. After arriving at either terminal you will find the ATMs, money exchanges, car rental agencies and general tourist information. More information about the airport together with the airport and terminals can be found at Ariport webpage .




It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the city center by taxi (allow more time during rush hour). The fare will be about 50 PLN (15 EUR).



The bus stop is located directly at the roundabout in front of the passenger terminal (off to the right). It takes approximately 40 minutes to go to the center by bus. The fare is 2.50 PLN, and tickets on buses without dispensers can be bought from the driver for 3.00 zloty. You will need to buy a ticket for each item of luggage bigger than 60 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Tickets can also be purchased at newspaper stands in the passenger terminal on your way out of the airport.


Buses of the municipal transport authority (MPK S.A.) of Krakow:

192 - from Krakowska Szko³a Wy¿sza, through Railway Station, Plac Matejki, AGH and the Cracovia Hotel

208 - from Nowy Kleparz, through the Miasteczko Studenckie (Students' Town) and Balicka Street

The time-tables of these buses are available at MPK webpage .

The Krakow-Balice Station is located approximately 200 m from the passenger terminal, you can get there on foot (a 5-minute walk) or take a free shuttle bus service which operates to and from Krakow-Balice Station, a 3 minute trip from the airport terminal building. Travel time to the main railway station in the centre of town is approximately 15 min. and the ticket fare is 6,00 zloty.
You can find the time-table at webpage .


Other Connections
You can also use other airports, for example Warsaw or Katowice. Krakow is easily and comfortably accessible by train from all larger cities in Poland, e.g. the journey by InterCity train from Warsaw takes about 3 hours. Should you choose to fly into Katowice, Krakow is easily accessible by bus (webpage).

Apart from local transport systems, Krakow also has direct railway links with Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest (from June to August trains also run to Varna), Hamburg, Kiev (from June to August trains also run to Odessa), Lviv, Prague, Vienna, ¯ilin. All trains stop at the Main Railway Station in Krakow.

Detailed information regarding links: 94 36, 393 15 80, 393 56 76 (intervention telephone till 3.00 pm) can be found at PKP webpage .

• Banking/Currency

The Polish currecy is the Zloty (abbreviations: ZL or PLN).

There are a number of banks as well as automatic teller machines located around the Main Square; they accept most major credit and charge cards. Most banks here are closed on Saturday and Sunday. It is very difficult to pay with foreign money (even US dollars or Euros) in shops, taxis or restaurants. However, most shops in the city centre do take credit and debit cards.


Exchange Offices

Money can be exchanged in exchange bureaus and banks. As banks usually take a small commission for such services, this method is less attractive and beneficial for customers.

When exchanging money at an exchange bureau, pay close attention to the exchange rates of the currencies on offer (usually displayed on a large board) - taking time to compare them with those on offer in other local exchange bureaus is also highly recommended and could make a considerable difference in the amount you receive in the exchange.

Another way to compare exchange rates is on the National Bank of Poland's website: www.nbp.pl,where a table detailing the current average exchange rates for foreign currencies can be found.


• Weather

Summer, which begins in June, is predominantly warm with plenty of sunshine interspersed with rain showers and thunderstorms. The average maximum temperature in June in Krakow is 22°C (70.9°F) and the average minimum temperature is 11.0°C (51.4°F). The average maximum temperature in July in Krakow is 23.0° C (73.4° F) and the average minimum temperature 12.0° C (54.0° F).


• Language

The official language for the conference is English.


• Passport and Visa 

Poland is a member of the European Union. A visa is required for citizens of countries that do not have visa-exempt agreements with Poland. Please contact the nearest Polish Embassy or Consulate for visa requirements.

You can find a list of the countries which do not require a visa to visit Poland here: Visa information.


The Conference Secretariat recommends that all attendees take out personal travel and health insurance for their trip.

Loss and Liability

The Conference Secretariat and all AGH University of Science and Technology and also Auditorium Maximum UJ venues used during the 7th ExHFT are exempt from and will not be held liable for the loss or damage of personal items, personal injury, accidents, or delays that occur at the meeting or as a result of attending the meeting.

The Conference Secretariat and Organising Committee relating to the 7th ExHFT are exempt from and will not be held liable for the cancellation of the conference for reasons outside of their control. In this event, the Organisers will make every effort to refund registration fees but this cannot be guaranteed.

The Secretariat strongly recommends that personal insurance is taken out to cover these eventualities.



Opening hours of shops are usually from 9.00 to 19.00, Monday - Saturday. Super- and hyper-markets are open 7 days a week, usually until 22:00. Small shops are open until 13:00 on Saturdays and are closed on Sunday.

More detailed information about Krakow can be found at webpage .